Not every home qualifies, but
you can quickly get an idea. Just
answer a few questions about
you home, with zero risk and
commitment free
With a Thermal Power Plan you
purchase heat not equipment.
Protecting you from fuel price
increases, without the cost of
upgrades or maintenance.
We separate the geothermal or ground source heat pump system into
two major parts the outside and the inside components, and share
ownership. We own and operate the outdoor equipment and sell you the
energy. You own the inside components and experience the savings.
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BluePrint Zero Fueled By Nature
Fueled By Nature
Introducing a better alternative to upgrade
your heating and cooling system
"We cut fuel costs from day one
and we are in control of the
rate for as long as we want
..... beat that Mr. Fuel Oil
Your solution
The BluePrint Zero
Thermal Power PlanTM
Have you researched geothermal, geoexchange or ground source heat
pump systems getting lost in the confusing opinions on costs and
technology discussions? (starting with the use of multiple names)

Why should you have to become an expert in renewable technology
when all you want is a cost effective and environmentally responsible way
to heat & cool your home, with the lowest up-front cost?
Lock in your fuel rates for the future with a
BluePrint Zero
Thermal Power PlanTM
Stabilizing your heating and cooling costs with a BluePrint Zero Thermal
Power Plan
TM is unlike most home improvements that depreciate in value
with age. The value of your choice to upgrade to geothermal technology
will increase as fuel prices increase. What will fuel prices be in the future?
Enjoy savings now and see the relative value of your choice grow with

Even if you don’t plan to stay in your home for a long period of time, it is
still a great investment. Most home renovation choices are subjective and
when it is time to sell your home, you find that potential buyers have
different ideas. In contrast, the value of a BluePrint Zero Thermal Power
TM is objective. It decreases the homes operating costs, providing
value to you and anyone else who owns your home.

Realtors agree, energy cost has become a key selling feature and homes
with geothermal systems get more interest, are on the market for less time
and sell at a higher price.